Who We Are

Willard Sink was unloved by his father, sexually and physically abused by his mother, neighbors, and teachers. He was mocked, ridiculed, and cast out. Willard was a homosexual... and a Christian.

Through school, thirty-three years of marriage, the birth of five children, and the death of his wife, Willard secretly battled a taboo sin that made him an outcast.

The documentary "What Some of You Were" a film by Luke Helmer chronicles Willard's abuse, pain, heartache, and eventual redemption by those willing to climb into his darkness and lovingly carry him to Christ.

Parakaleo is 501c3 Ministry that comes alongside men and women who struggle with sexual sin to give them tools and support to overcome with God's help their struggle.

For more info check out the "Resources" page or contact Executive Director Willard "Ouija" Sink at parakaleoministry@gmail.com

Willard 'Ouija' Sink
Willard 'Ouija' Sink

The Pit

A man fell into a pit and couldn't get himself out.

Respectable people came along and said: "We don't associate with pit-dwellers."
An empathist came along and said: "I really feel for you in that pit."
A sociobiologist came along and said: "You were born in your pit."
A psychiatrist said: "It's destructive to remove people from pits they were born in."
A psychologist came along and said: "Accept your pit, that way you'll be happy."
A gay activist came along and said: "Fight for the right to stay in your pit."
A politician came along and said: "Discrimination against pits is illegal."
A researcher came along and said: "What an interesting pit."
A religious fundamentalist came along and said: "You deserve your pit."
A religious liberal came along and said: "Your pit is God's beautiful gift to you."
A charismatic came along and said: "Just confess you're not in that pit."
His mother came along and said: "It's your father's fault you're in that pit."
His father came along and said: "It's your mother's fault you're in that pit."
His wife came along and said: "It's all my fault you're in that pit."

But Jesus,
seeing the man, loved him, and reaching into the pit put his arms around him
and pulled him out.

Copyright Briar Whitehead
pp 87-88 Craving for Love, Relationship Addiction, Homosexuality & the God Who Heals Monarch Books, UK, 2003