Coming Alongside


We are writing to you concerning some news related to the future of Parakaleo. Many of you have already recognized that Ouija has been cutting back on the amount of time he devotes to the ministry of Parakaleo. We have seen him enjoy more time with his family and grandchildren! After thoughtful prayer he has decided to "retire" from the Parakaleo Ministry. This will be effective December 31, 2018. Along with this decision the Board of Parakaleo has voted to dissolve the not for profit ministry effective the same day.

Even though this is a sad time to consider the dissolution of the Ministry, we would ask you to join us in celebrating Ouija's heart and life of giving! In fact we are in the process of planning a celebration of Ouija and the Ministry that will occur after the first of the year. We will send out additional information in the near future.

We have often heard Ouija speak of the poem called "The Pit." This poem is found in a book written by Briar Whitehead. It is about a man who fell into a pit and couldn't get himself out. He had many respectable people come along and offer advice. Read More


Parakaleo is a ministry of support, training and encouragement to individuals struggling with same sex attraction and other issues of sexual brokenness. Parakaleo is a Greek word meaning to come alongside of, beseech, encourage, teach and comfort. Founded by Willard "Ouija" Sink, Parakaleo is an official non-profit (501c3) ministry in North Carolina.

The need, however, is for truth to impact culture. In Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, author Jeffrey Satinover says "(I)t is not really a battle over mere sexuality, but rather over which spirit shall claim our allegiance. The cultural and political battle over homosexuality has become in many respects the defining moment of our society. It has implications that go far beyond the surface matter of 'gay rights.' And so the more important dimension of this battle is not the political one, it is the one for the individual human soul."

A group meets regularly for anyone who needs fellowship, prayer, accountability, and encouragement in several different areas of sexual struggle. There is a weekly group meeting; contact Ouija for more information on how to get involved if you are interested. Email Parakaleo/Ouija at